Proposal for a typographic and isometric design system, including examples of use

Typographic grid
Isometric grid
Typographic and isometric grid overlayed
Typographic and isometric grid overlayed with Helling logo
Example poster ‘DUBWAVE’
Example poster ‘Natural Habitat II’
Example poster ‘LANG & HARD PART VII’
Example poster ‘VENI VIDI VINYL PT VI’
Example poster ‘ELECTRO DE HELLING’
Example poster ‘#ZOMER DE HELLING’
Example poster ‘Life. Law. The Blues.’
Example poster ‘STEREO — TYPES’


The designers of Silees Workshop were working on the total re-styling of a music venue in Utrecht; De Helling. Based on their initial ideas and sketches for interior, identity and logo, I was asked to explore a possible direction for graphic design.
The logo was already loosely defined; a sliced H referencing the meaning of the name De Helling (The Slope). Using the angle of this slice as foundation, an isometric grid was designed in combination with a typographic grid, creating a flexible and scalable design system.
The combined grids are designed to work on A2 or A3 format mainly, but also scaled down to A4 format for internal and external communications, guidelines or a calamity plan. The isometric grid fits perfectly on the typographic grid and is intended as a design tool. It can be used for illustration or creating graphic elements while amplifying the logo, making its angle an integrated part of the identity.


Project commissioned by Silees Workshop as part of their design process. Note: the examples shown here are simply that, examples. They do not communicate or promote any event organized or hosted by De Helling.