Type designer and graphic designer with an interest in video game design. Currently available for freelance work or collaboration. Since 2016 also part of the Bold Monday team working on the open source IBM Plex typeface. E‍-‍mail →

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Dutch. Based in The Hague. Working as a graphic designer on a freelance basis. Paper. Type. Grids. Would love to design your next book. Working as both type designer and font engineer for Bold Monday. IBM Plex typeface much. Code and design for the web on occasion.

Next to this, time is used for self-initiated projects; type design mostly but video game experiments as well. Since 2018 also part of the P104 design space. Foosball. General inquiries →

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Studied at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK). Earned a bachelors degree in Graphic Design (2010–2014) and a masters degree in Type Design (2014–2015). The latter is also known as Type and Media.

If you are interested in studying at KABK I highly recommend visiting the annual open day in January. If you have questions about the Type Media masters course check out this article by James Edmondson on Medium or feel free to get in touch by mail.


Design and code with love by yours truly. CSS for responsive typography based on the article ‘The math of CSS Locks’ by Florens Verschelde. The projects Lavendel en Rozemarijn, Lucid Musings en Weesperflat 50 were photographed by Jeanette Slütter. Text set in IBM Plex Sans Condensed (Light, Light Italic, Text, Text Italic and SemiBold).

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