Jasper Terra is a graphic and type designer from The Netherlands, living and working in The Hague as both freelance graphic designer and as type designer and font engineer for Bold Monday, an independent Dutch type foundry. On occasion he designs and codes small websites or proofing and design tools. Video game design is of growing interest.


Studio visits are no problem at the moment, but it might be a while before foosball happens again. For general inquiries → info@jasperterra.nl

Studio Terra
Paviljoensgracht 20 
2512 BP The Hague 
The Netherlands


Jasper Terra studied at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (also known as the KABK), earning a bachelors degree in Graphic Design (2010–2014) and a masters degree in Type Design (2014–2015).

If you are interested in studying at KABK, it is recommended visiting the annual open day in January. If you have questions about the Type Media masters course, check out this article by James Edmondson or feel free to get in touch.


If time allows Jasper Terra likes to create models in Maya LT or Blender and build virtual worlds in Unity 3D. Where this all might lead, is quite unclear, but frustratingly fun. Process intermittently updated here.


When not sitting behind a desk, or writing about himself in third person, Jasper Terra greatly enjoys being outdoors, riding bicycles both on road and off, or anything inbetween. You can check out some of his #biking #notbiking photos here.


Design and code with love by yours truly. Code for responsive typography is based on the article ‘The math of CSS Locks’ by Florens Verschelde. The projects Lavendel en Rozemarijn, Lucid Musings and Weesperflat 50 were photographed by Jeanette Slütter. Texts set in IBM Plex Sans Condensed Text and SemiBold.


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