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Poster designed for the opening of the Karel Martens Reprint exhibition and book presentation at the Royal Academy of Art. The event was held in context of him being awarded with the Gerrit Noordzij Prize in 2012 – an award given every three years to type designers and typographers for their contributions to the fields of type design, typography and education – subsequently km designed the 2015 award for Cyrus Highsmith.

The exhibition offers a closer look at his free work as well as his approach to teaching (graphic design); part of the exhibition consists of issues of the architectural journal Oase which he has worked on since 1990 and (later) often together with students. The book is a collection of his free work and applied works and includes an essay by David Bennewith about km’s approach to teaching and an essay by Robin Kinross on the free work of km.

The exhibition and book have been made in collaboration with the t]m students of 2015, David Bennewith, Jan Willem Stas and Karel Martens, which was a great and inspiring experience. Part of the exhibition was dedicated to the design (grid) of Oase for which content was kindly provided by Peter Biľak – you can read an article about the journal and its design here. Back issues of Oase are available for download here.

Get the book: www.romapublications.org

See also: www.tiele-stichting.nl

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