proposal for a design / grid system, examples of use


The people at Silees Workshop were working on the complete re-styling of a music venue in Utrecht; De Helling. They asked me to explore possibilites for the graphic design of the project, based on their initial ideas / sketches and design for the interior. Although a general direction was already set many things were still undecided (typeface for example), leaving me with quite some room for exploration.

One of their sketches revolved around a grid derived from the building itself. An idea for a logo was also born from this sketch; a capital H sliced at an angle (the word helling means slope or ramp in Dutch). Taking these elements (grid, logo and angle) as building blocks I came up with a proposal for a design system consisting of a typographic grid combined with an isometric grid based on the angle of the logo.

The typographic grid is designed in such a way that it works for posters (A2 or A3 format) but also scaled down to A4 format for internal / external communications, guidelines or a calamity plan. The isometric grid fits perfectly on the typographic grid and is intended as a design tool, it can be used to draw upon and amplifies the logo making the angle part of the identity.

The example posters shown here give an impression how the system could be used. Perhaps using the logo as the only fixed element (position) with one or two template designs, or maybe not even that and instead using it as part of the design itself.

Commisioned by Silees Workshop. Note: the examples shown here are simply that, examples; they do not communicate or promote any event held or hosted by De Helling.

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